• Customer: JoSeal
  • Product & Service: GCP
  • Industry: InformationLearning Platform
  • Country: Taiwan

JoSeal is the first online co-learning platform in Taiwan. It gathers all the professionals to become a community and enables each person to develop the expertise in facing different environments and fields. They intend to optimize the company's online learning process and maximize the company's training performance with the use of game mechanics.

Use GCP to optimize teaching process and improve the quality of company learning program.

When it comes to online learning, most of the employees have the same experience, which is watching the tutorial video alone in front of computer constantly, and their performance can only be graded by the final scores.

Joseal’ services have subverted the traditional learning process that you and I had before. This interactive online learning platform not only brings more fun into the courses, but also eliminates the feeling of 「 just learning in front of screen 」. It creates the atmosphere like students are synchronously having class online with their group members. 

JoSeal supports all the audio-visual teaching materials、live stream and even sends the courses to all of the employees at designated times.

All of contents are stored and distributed through cloud services, which are accessible for instructors and students to download at any time anywhere. Meanwhile, through exclusive speech recognition and search engine technology, all the courses are automatically categorized、easy to be searched and recommended precisely to the students.

JoSeal builds a positive learning environment by frequently organizing educational activities on the platform and rewarding the students who have better performance with points, which can be redeemed for virtual or physical prizes.

Compute Engine provides stable internet connection for multi-user collaboration

GCP provides a stable Compute Engine service, which enables multi-users to have collaborative learning at the same time and provides JoSeal with web hosting service to ensure the experience during the learning process is steady and smooth.

JoSeal is accessible to users from all around the world with the help of Clouds DNS& CDN

Cloud DNS can distribute the internet data and ensure the internet is fast and smooth with high quality; on the other hand, GCP CDN enables the users from all around the world to watch the online course conveniently and promptly. It breaks geographical limitations and builds a borderless learning environment for everyone who can join wherever they are. It also maximizes the corporate training performance.  It’s very convenient for multinational corporations or the companies sending their employees abroad, especially under the current pandemic.

Big Query and Cloud SQL can create a highly efficient teaching journey

Besides learning and absorption abilities of students, it’s also important for teachers to monitor the learning status of each students, so that they can strengthen or modify their teaching material and direction. 

Though Big Query, those massive learning data can be easily processed and analyzed which enables hosts to rapidly understand the learning status of each students. Teachers can strengthen the areas which the students are not good at and accelerate the improvements of the pain points.

After finishing analysis, it will store the student’s interactive data and learning status in Cloud SQL. For building a highly efficient teaching journey, GCP can provide comprehensive solutions and be the strongest support for platform.

Google Cloud Armor

For the platform, data protection is also the essential part for both company and learners. Using Cloud Armor can completely protect all the data stored in the GCP, and at the same time, DDos can also prevent cyberbully from happening, which makes users feel more secure.

What changes has JoSeal experienced after using GCP service?

Google Cloud Platform enables JoSeal to remove the time cost of maintenance and concentrate more on business development and sales growth.

Through the highly efficient executive of GCP, JoSeal team can reduce a lot of human resource and time costs.

In the operation of VM, IT team can also be more focus on service optimization and development of this co-learning platform. Compute Engine can steadily support when multi-users using the service at the same time, and all of the data created will be backed up, so there is no need to worry when downtime occurs.

GCP saves a lot of the expenses and time cost that operation and maintenance could cause. With the easy-to-use back end, JoSeal can be more focus on the development of the platform, and that’s the main reason that JoSeal chooses to use GCP service.