JoSeal is the first online co-learning platform in Taiwan. It gathers all the professionals to become a community and enables each person to develop the expertise in facing different environments and fields.
FM Solutions Consultants Limited, established in 2014, is a FBA (FileMaker Business Alliance) in Hong Kong. FileMaker is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. FM Solutions specialize in offering complete support in the implementation and use of business systems, essentially FileMaker solutions.
AsukaBook was one of the first companies to manufacture press printed books to professional photographers. All products are made and assembled by hand in Japan with Japanese values for craftsmanship at Asukanet Co., Ltd, starting in Japan in 1995.
Fotomax was established in Hong Kong in 1982. It is now fully owned by China -Hongkong Photo Products Holdings Limited which is listed in the Hong Kong Stock Market. Fotomax has developed as the largest and leading photofinishing chains to provide high quality and most advanced imaging services in town.
Net Publishing set up since 2010, is most development and global distribution of publisher from Taiwan gaming industry. Provide partners an integrate marketing, operation, customer services and cash flow as platform. Help partners can quickly enter the market to Taiwan﹑Hong Kong﹑Asia.
Bonio Inc. was founded in 2014 spring. Our mission is to build modern style of learning to help students in everywhere. We from Taiwan, want to be the leader with our best learning platform to support education worldwide to provide positive impact!