About GCS

Cloud Experience with local

GrandTech Cloud Services is professional cloud service provider. We provide leading cloud services to support customers’ business to different countries or regions, especially from mobile application, multimedia gaming, new retail, e-learning platform and startup territories.


GrandTech Cloud Services is a subsidiary company of GrandTech group. GrandTech has 25 years experiences to provide professional softwares and support huge customers from gaming, animation and creative industries. GrandTech Cloud Services will leverage great resources from parent group and work closely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support global customers, so that your business can start with right partner and strong support from worldwide competition.


  • Global Vision:
    Leveraging GrandTech group resources in asia pacific market including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. With years of local operation and experience of local demands, GrandTech Cloud Services can provide completed product services and solid business strategies.
  • One-stop Cloud Service:
    GrandTech Cloud Services provides one-stop cloud service, specializing in AWS to provide professional consulting, cloud security, SaaS solutions, and customized project based on your needs.
  • AWS Technology:
    Working with leading cloud service vendors to provide end-to-end solutions and domain know-how to complete digital transformation and innovation for you.


As key partner of AWS, GrandTech Cloud Services will provide market leading, technology advance and cost efficient cloud services for various industries, to support business customers to gain high growth from digital transformation and cross-region drivers.